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Interested in pursuing full-time vocational ministry—either in the church or at a non-profit? Our internship program will put you side by side with the Sojourn staff to develop and hone your leadership, relational, and ministry skills. Partner with us and get hands-on experience. 

Applications are open.

  • To identify, train, and invest in leaders with potential and a desire for full time ministry.
  • To develop leadership gifts, skills, and ministry experience through staff relationships and hands-on work.
  • To have interns serve the staff and ministry programs to which they are assigned and meaningfully contribute to the existing work of our growing church.
  • To reach more people with the mission of the church by supporting, training, and offering opportunities to gifted and hungry leaders.
  • To be a pipeline for future staff in the local church network and beyond.
  • To help interns discern a call and desire for full time ministry work.
  • Be a member or member in process at Sojourn Church Carlisle (or willing to become one upon the start of the internship). 
  • Participate in and attend all intern trainings and meetings for the duration of the program.
  • Demonstrate a healthy, growing relationship with Christ and demonstrate a lifestyle above reproach.
  • Be a team player by engaging with existing staff, fellow interns, and congregants.
  • Demonstrate a teachable heart and willing spirit to grow, learn, work hard, and take initiative.
  • Spend 10-15 hours per week devoted towards the internship (including—but not limited to—training assignments, meetings, relationships, and programming).
General responsibilities:
  • Fully participate in the intern trainings by attending:
    • Regular meetings with your ministry/staff leader (1-2 per month)
    • Training meetings with entire intern cohort (1 per month)
    • Staff meetings (1 per week)
  • Accomplish assignments, projects, and responsibilites on time, with excellence.
  • Meaningfully contribute to the specific ministry program, fellow staff and interns, and the people of Sojourn Carlisle.
  • At this time, all internships are unpaid.
  • Though there is currently no mechanism in place, we are open and willing to work with you to enable you (identifying an organization, walking with you, and encouraging you) to raise support for your internship.

Program runs September 1-August 31

  • May 1-June 15: application process open
  • June 15-July 15: interviews and hires
  • September 1, 2021: first day 
  • August 31, 2022: last day

Internship Opportunities

All internship opportunities are general ideas of what internships will entail and are not formal job descriptions. Formal job descriptions will be tailored to the needs of the church and the desires of the intern prior to the start of the internship.

with James Fields

This intern will work closely with the Lead Pastor to:

  • Learn the basics of pastoral ministry.
  • Learn the craft of preaching by spending regular time with the Lead Pastor as he prepares his sermons.
  • Gain experience in teaching through opportunities in leading Equipping Classes in our church.
  • Help the Lead Pastor and Equipping Class coordinator with long-term planning of Equipping Classes.

If you desire to apply for this internship, we ask that you submit 2-3 samples of your preaching/teaching (video or audio will work). If you do not have any experience teaching/preaching, we encourage you to consider the other pastoral ministry opportunity.

with Nick Weyrens

This internship will be a general look into pastoral ministry. The intern will serve the church alongside the Associate Pastor by helping to:

  • Execute ministry specific or church wide projects and events
  • Create processes for the health of the church ministries
  • Develop the annual strategic plan and budget
  • Perform various administrative and organizational tasks
  • Ensure excellence in Sunday Service

with Trevor Mason

This intern will work closely with the Coordinator of Athletics & Evangelism to:

  • Plan and execute outreach opportunities for our congregation
  • Aide in improving our process for food pantry and benevolence requests
  • Plan and execute annual church outreach events (including but not limited to: Trunk or Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, Juneteenth Cookout, VBS)
  • Help recruit and train a team of volunteers

with Robin Polk

This intern will aide the Deaconess of Women's Ministry in executing the vision below for our budding Women's Ministry:

  • Raise up and equip a team of women to help establish a healthy and sustainable Women's Ministry.
  • Plan and execute 3-4 fellowship opportunities for ladies throughout the year
  • Plan and execute annual women's retreat
  • Creatively utilize the Sojourn Carlisle Women’s Facebook Page to help women get to know one another, connect, and share joys and burdens.

with Nick Weyrens

This intern will work closely with the Associate Pastor to:

  • Create a process and system to ensure new participants are getting plugged into CG's
  • Help train and equip leaders
  • Communicate regularly with CG Leaders
  • Visit Community Groups to learn how different CGL's lead and get a pulse on how CG's are doing
  • Aide the Associate Pastor in any administration
  • Research and write materials to be utilized by CG's

with Rupriimo Chachei & Tabitha Mead

Instrument or vocal proficiency is required to apply for this internship. This intern will work with the Director of Worship and the Liturgy Coordinator to:

  • Craft liturgy each week for Sunday Service
  • Create liturgy, song, and sermon slides for Sunday Service
  • Ensure musicians, liturgists, and A/V volunteers are schedule for Sunday Service
  • Recruit and train A/V volunteers
  • Lead and/or play on Sundays or special events (depending on musical skill/readiness)

If you desire to apply for this internship, we ask that you submit 2-3 samples of you leading or playing (we prefer these samples be in a congregational setting, but that's not required).

with Nick Weyrens and Katie Fields

Proficiency in writing, social media management, or graphic design is preferable. Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus. This intern will work with the Associate Pastor and social media manager to:

  • Manage social media (through Buffer)
  • Write announcements and updates for church news and events
  • Write and schedule weekly church wide emails
  • Maintain or improve our internal promotional calendar

with Margie Elliott

The kids and families internship will be focused on Sojourn Kids, our children's ministry. The intern will work with the Directors of Sojourn Kids to:

  • Plan and execute Sojourn Kids on Sunday mornings (with classroom preparation and discipleship)
  • Recruit and train new and existing volunteers
  • Develop parent resources (take home cards, videos, devotionals, baptism class)
  • Plan and execute Large scale events (like Family Movie Night and Vacation Bible School)

This intern will:

  • Seek to establish outreach opportunities for children in our neighborhood through the gym facility
  • Develop a basketball league for men and children
  • Work with existing gym partners to continue to impact our neighborhood
  • Develop systems and processes for gym rentals in our community

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